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What is the operation principle of high voltage switchgear


ARM core MCU controls the voltage added to the motor through phase shift trigger control, and then slowly controls the voltage and current added to the motor. Switchgear steadily increases motor torque. The high voltage switchgear adopts a solid soft starting device to control the starting impact current of the motor until the motor accelerates to full speed to reduce the impact on the grid and the motor itself.

Series of high and low voltage switchgear adopts 32-bit ARM core microprocessor centralized control, with high-speed optical brazing drive and a variety of dynamic and static voltage sharing protection measures, to achieve high performance operation of equipment. At the same time, it also reduces the impact on mechanical equipment, so as to prolong the service life of equipment and reduce failure shutdown. Switchgear can be used with water pump, fan, compressor, crusher, mixer, belt conveyor and other mechanical and electrical equipment. It is an ideal high voltage motor starting and protection equipment. Suitable for rated voltage protection, mining, metallurgy, building materials, synchronous motor and other fields.

Intelligent system of machinery and equipment for switchgear manufacturers: with the improvement of industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry, intelligent technology and people's living standards, the power supply system has put forward clear provisions, and the electrical equipment has also put forward provisions. With the development of new technology application and the trend of rapid development of electronic components, electronic information technology and electronic computers, electronic components will have an impact, in addition to the original product function and quality assurance, but also the development of some new products, all of which have a feature. 1. Intelligent system for household appliances. 2. Commodity digitization 3. Strategic and modular product portfolio design. This makes the intelligent system of mechanical equipment and simple practical operation become the development trend. The power consumption of different natural environments and power consumption standards improves labor efficiency, reduces human capital and practical operation accuracy, and provides infinite space for the development trend of intelligent systems.