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Low-voltage switchgear is an important part of power transmission and transformation manufacturing industry


Low-voltage switchgear processing and manufacturing industry is a key component of power transmission and transformation equipment processing and manufacturing industry, has a key influence in the whole power industry. The key components of switch equipment include: high-voltage circuit breaker, voltage transformer, microcomputer relay protection equipment installed in place, actual operation control circuit accessories (door handles, display lights, pins), auxiliary power switches of switch equipment manufacturers, etc.

Among them, isolator, voltage transformer installed in the switch device, microcomputer relay protection, accessories, watt-hour meter installed in car relay chamber on the control panel (using the original name, but in fact no automobile relay), automobile relay chamber installation and all kinds of switch power supply, gas switch terminals, terminal blocks according to the frequency conversion cable or special power socket connected to the isolator. The high voltage switchgear set should consider the relevant provisions of gb3906-1991 3-35kv AC metal closed switchgear, which is composed of cabinet door and isolator, with empty frame inlet and outlet line, cable inlet and outlet line, bus pipe connection and other functions. The switchgear door is composed of a cover plate, electrical components (including insulation components), various mechanisms, secondary wiring terminals and connecting wires.

Check the wiring technology of low-voltage switchgear manufacturer. First, check that the wire connections are strong. Each terminal is only allowed to connect one wire, if necessary, allow to connect two wires; At the same time, measures should be taken to protect the conductor from damage through the insulated conductor of the metal component. The second step is wiring with a wire harness. The wiring harness should be horizontal and vertical, not more than 30mm horizontally and not more than 400mm vertically. There is a fixed point; When the conductor of an AC circuit passes through a metal partition, all phase lines and neutral lines of the circuit should pass through the same hole. The third step is the switch equipment manufacturer's product connection layout process inspection, focusing on checking the processing quality and installation quality of the bus. Bus surface coating is uniform without flow marks, bus bend should not be greater than 1mm cracks and folds, surface should not be spalling, hammer marks, pits, burrs, etc.